Why Conduct COVID-19 Antibody Testing ?

Much is still unknown about COVID-19.  Conducting regular Antibody testing detects which team members may have previously had exposure to the virus and therefore have the potential for some degree of immunity.


Establishing an Antibody testing protocol supports an organisation’s overall COVID-19 response plan, promotes the physical safety and mental wellbeing of individuals within that organisation and helps prepare against future waves of the virus.

Antibody Testing Solution


TestingToday provides a COVID-19 Antibody testing solution which includes an Antibody Test that provides results in 15 minutes, Nurses to conduct testing onsite anywhere in Ireland, a Results Tracking App and Personal Protective Equipment.


Antibody Test

This test detects COVID-19 antibodies.  A positive antibody test result can suggest prior exposure to COVID-19 and the potential for some degree of possible immunity against future infections.  As COVID-19 is a novel (new) infection, the degree of immunity that a positive result offers is still being understood.

  • Finger-Prick Test
  • Results in Under 15 Minutes
  • Highly Accurate Test (Sensitivity IgG 99%, IgM 98%; Specificity IgG 100%, IgM 99%)

Nurses to Test Onsite

TestingToday provides nurses to visit your location and conduct Antibody testing anywhere in Ireland, with test results available in under 15 minutes.

Results Tracking App

The TestingToday App helps manage testing results within your organisation and supports the efforts of health authorities in managing future outbreaks.

Personal Protective Equipment

TestingToday offers a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes facial protection, gloves, temperature monitoring, gowns and sanitation. To view our range, please visit the PPE Store.

If you’d like to email the team at TestingToday for more information, then please click on the Contact Us button.